1. Attorney Matt Kaiser on Federal Criminal Defense [VIDEO]

    So you’ve been accused of a federal crime - now what?

    Let’s hope you never actually have to ask yourself that question - but whether you do or not, the answer is really quite interesting. Especially when it comes from Matt Kaiser, a Washington D.C.-based federal criminal defense attorney, who has been walking us through the defense process in a series of videos on JD Supra.

    Kaiser’s video series takes on the very serious issue of, as he puts it, what to do once your own government tells you that you’ve done something very bad. Some of his points are unexpected but, intuitively, make sense (like: consider seeing a therapist) - and all of them are available for you to view below. Here are the highlights.

    We enjoy work like this - interesting insights from the nimble mind of a competent professional. Attorney Matt Kaiser on defending (and appealing) federal criminal cases:

    [If you’ve been accused of a crime in federal court, should you plead guilty or go to trial?]

    [How do federal conspiracy charges work?]

    [How long does an appeal in a federal criminal case take?]

    Additional videos in the series:

    Kaiser also authors the Federal Criminal Appeals Blog, which is worth a regular read for the titles alone. You can also find him on Twitter.


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