1. Is Internet Gambling Coming to New Jersey?

    Will New Jersey residents be able to gamble online soon?

    Looks like it’s in the cards, thanks to recent moves by NJ governor Chris Christie. According CNBC, earlier this week Christie vetoed a bill to legalize online gaming in the state, but used the veto as an opportunity to outline what type of initiative who would support in this regard.

    State legislators have indicated they could get a new bill to Christie in a matter of weeks. From attorney Jeff Ifrah:

    The changes requested by Gov. Christie today included an increase in the tax rate on revenues generated from online gaming, additional funding for problem gamblers, and tighter regulations on relationships between state employees and companies that hold an Internet gaming license. The bill also expires in 10 years, although there is nothing preventing the state from renewing the legislation in the future…

    Ifrah also offers his view on this latest development in the video above (“a great day for New Jersey”) and has covered the issue and related stories in the following updates:

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