1. It’s Over… Sort of, Anyway: When Separation Is Better than Divorce


    Considering divorce? You might want to consider another option: legal separation. 

    Legal separation, when backed up by a formal agreement, can offer couples a viable alternative to divorce. When does it make sense? 

    1. When you need time to figure out what’s best:

    “If you are going through a difficult period in your marriage, you may want to consider a legal separation instead of a divorce. Sometimes a legal separation is the best way to give a couple the time they need to reassess where they stand and what they want. You may not know whether you are better off with your spouse or without your spouse until you spend some time apart.” (Bryan L. Salamone & Associates

    2. When you still need insurance and similar benefits:

    “Under a legal separation, a couple is still legally married. As such, a married couple may still utilize dependent spouse insurance coverage, as well as marital rights that arise in the event of death or disability. Often, couples who wish to take advantage of insurance coverage or other marital benefits, but who do not wish to cohabitate, choose to legally separate.” (Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates

    3. When you can’t afford a divorce:

    “… for many at-odds couples who can’t untie the knot fast enough, legal and accounting fees that can soar into five figures in a contested divorce may prove to be a high barrier to clear. With too many cash-strapped families suffering from the recession and suffering from each other’s company, spouses who can’t afford an official divorce are making due with long term separations.” (Lawyers.com


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