1. Drafting a Child Custody Plan with Your Ex? Be Creative…


    “There are many, many ways to increase success at co-parenting. Each family’s situation and chance of success is different, but one thing that always is the same is that it takes willingness and work by each parent to make the arrangement succeed.” (Law Offices of Marlo Van Oorschot

    Raising children with your ex-spouse takes planning, patience, and compromise. And sometimes a little creativity helps…

    For your reference, three less-traditional co-parenting options you might want to consider: 

    1. Bird nesting:

    “One idea that has been gaining popularity is called bird nesting. Under this arrangement, instead of shunting the kids back and forth between parental homes, the kids stay put ­in one home — and the parents shuffle themselves back and forth. The advantages: Greatly reduced disruption to the children.” (The Law Firm for Family Law

    2. Virtual visitation: 

    “Skype, Google chat, video phone and various Internet options allow parents to visit with their youngsters no matter where they are located. Precedents are growing throughout the country for the inclusion or allowance of virtual visitation in a parenting plan.” (Bryan L. Salamone & Associates

    3. A right of first refusal:

    “Joint legal custody means both parents have the right to make decisions relating to the health, education and welfare of a child; joint physical custody is defined as each parent’s having ‘significant periods’ of physical custody. The Right of First Refusal is a court-ordered right […] granting the non-custodial parent an option to care for the child or children during the custodial parent’s designated time, when the custodial parent is otherwise unavailable, instead of placing that child in the care of a third-party provider.” (McManis Faulkner


    The updates:


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